Sunset at the castle in Guimarães #castle #100happydays #happydayschallenge #roadtrip

Sunset at the castle in Guimarães #castle #100happydays #happydayschallenge #roadtrip

Cast on Esposito and Beckett's history

  • Jon: Every time we're gonna do a scene... we...
  • Stana: Should we let Andrew answer first?
  • Marlowe: I think I know where it's going
  • Jon: We do have some scenes when I have to drop some sense, some knowledge into her.The backstory we've made for them we have something deeper we've discussed. My backstory is this- it could change cause Andrew is right there and he'd probably squash me- I think that Beckett and Esposito were partners as unis when they first came to the 12th precinct and saw some shit. They were deep in it. And had to fight their way out. They leaned on each other and that just solidified this. I'm not going into the other stuff right now!
  • Andrew: That's not the story I thought you would tell!
  • Jon: One night they went out for a drink after a tough gun battle...
  • Stana: They both care for justice but they're both renegades but they connect in an interesting way- protective.
  • Nathan: Beckett tells Esposito to do this this and this and Esposito goes "As you wish" And I'm going that's not in the script Jon! that means i love you from the princess bride. Meanwhile Castle's just like huh??
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You’ve got a tattoo?

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I feel like I haven’t seen you in days.”

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5x16 “Hunt” (x)

5x16 “Hunt” (x)

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Caskett Kisses <3

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This was a terrible moment, but very well organised, directed, lit and acted out. I’ve heard often that in a horrible life-threatening situation like that, once you pull the trigger, you can’t stop. You keep going to make sure the danger is really dead. And even though Kate is the cop, she’s the one holding the gun in only one hand, her body unprotected as she gets closer and closer, because she’s in such a shock. Castle in turn isn’t a cop, but knows how to handle a gun just as well, though he uses it less often. He never killed a man, and you can see it in his face that it does something to him, but he’s still clearheaded enough to keep firing and keep aiming. It’s…wow. A horrible, horrible thing to have to do, but in a twisted way very genuine and believable. Also, looking very awesome with the harsh lighting and the shallow DOF. Kudos to the camera department and everyone else who did a marvelous job on this!


Eddie Vedder “Longing to Belong” 

Used in Castle 5x04 - “Murder He Wrote”

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“and though i am there, if you need me here.. here is where i’ll be.”

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