Video of Lina and myself in Berlin, last week! I hope you guys like it. 

(also, I think she’s the loveliest, prettiest, most adorable creature to ever grace the Earth. I think you can tell by the video. *giggles*)

(no I am not, she is! *blushes*)

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Video reply to your questions! If you have any more questions, let me know and I might make another!

Someone needs to make gifs out of that part where you demonstrate “selfies gone wrong”. SOMEONE, PLEEEEEEASE! :D

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Kitchen Adventures 

Spaghetti with asparagus, prosciutto and olives.

Again, I was bored and decided to make a video. I am far from being a chef or an expert, i just cook at home, but since I really enjoy food photography, I thought I’d give it a try.

The song is Shimbalaiê, by Maria Gadú.

I don’t even know where to start with this. It’s scary that Lu is more skilled at making videos than I could ever be, even though I’m the one supposedly studying it. The WONDERFUL Nikon she has kinda helps with the advantage, too.

This video is brilliant. The colours are radiant, the details mesmerizing, the angles beautiful. I love all about it, the music and the cuts and the shots and her hands and the food. The video makes me hungry, makes me smell the food as if I’m RIGHT THERE - even though I hate green asparagus AND olives AND smoked ham, so that’s a big accomplishment! XD

Seriously Lu, you are awesome and I love you. But because I want to be a good supportive girlfriend who can give constructive criticism as well, I’ll point out some things you could do better in your next video.

I think you hold the shots for a little too long, the editing could be faster, if you wanted. And the crazy focus flailing, especially with the plate at the end, is a little dizzying. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with shifting the focus, in fact it is a very pretty thing to do (once or twice) but if you do it too often, the effect isn’t quite the desired one ;)

But seriously, I’m just saying this so I can pretend I’m a good camera-savvy student with useful information and skills, even though I’m clearly not XD

I love this. I love you.

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Scott Alan’s Free — sung by yours truly

This is far from perfect. But it’s what came out, and what the people there saw and to get here, from that point in September when I thought I could never sing this, is a blessing. So there. 

Also, this is for Lina. This was the first song she ever sent me. We’ve come a long way, my darling. <4

I still don’t know what to say to this. I don’t have the words to adequately describe how wonderful this is, how beautiful you are, how great your voice is, how preciously and amazingly you sing, how heartfelt this was. There simply are no words, but this I can tell you -

You set me free.

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Keep Breathing | Ingrid Michaelson

A video about Kate Beckett’s condition after Rise. 

(It’s not my best, but I just threw it together. The new episode inspired me.)

Perfect EVERYTHING is perfect. 



^ I second that. she always uses the perfect song <3

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Fashion Retrospective of the Day: To promote the September 13th grand opening of the Westfield Stratford City shopping center — reportedly the largest urban shopping center in Europe — The Viral Factory runs through 100 years of East London style in 100 seconds.



Quiet by Jonathan Reid Gealt, performed by Natalie Weiss.
I always find myself revisiting this. She’s wonderful and can riff like no other.

Stana is not just “playing” with his shirt buttons in the video. SHE UNDOES THE TOP ONE.




And try not to die.

This is not for the faint of heart.


If you listen closely, you can even hear that her hand brushes against Nathan’s chest mic! =D


Prob the best fan trailer/video I’ve seen! Jon Huertas is totally right, ABC should hire whoever made this.